SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) Assessment
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Click here to access the test: SRI Testing Link

To log on:

  • Students Username: student local ID number

  • Students Password: 6 digit birthday (i.e.: 010508 – include leading zeros)

  • Beginning of Year Diagnostic - September 2018

  • Mid-year Diagnostic -TBA

  • End of Year Diagnostic - Assessment Advisory 4 - TBA

  • Purpose of Test: The Scholastic Reading Inventory™ (SRI) is an objective assessment of a student’s reading comprehension level.

The computer adaptive assessment can be administered to students in Grades K—12 and is based on The Lexile Framework® for Reading. The test format supports quick administration in an un-timed, low-pressure environment.

SRI is proven to be an effective assessment to:

(1) Identify struggling readers.

(2) Plan for instruction.

(3) Gauge the effectiveness of a curriculum.

(4) Demonstrate accountability.

(5) Set growth goals.

(6) Forecast state test outcomes.

SRI focuses on the skills readers use when studying written materials sampled from various content areas. These skills include referring to details in the passage, drawing conclusions, and making comparisons and generalizations. SRI does not require prior knowledge of ideas outside of the passage, vocabulary taken out of context, or formal logic. SRI is built from authentic passages that are typical of the materials students read both in and out of school.

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