RBHS Mission & Vision

RBHS Mission

Ron Brown High School is an all-male public high school in Washington, DC that recognizes the importance of defining ourselves as we empower and educate young men of color. RBHS will provide rigorous and culturally responsive curriculum and instruction to ensure that our Young Kings are prepared to successfully act as reflective agents of change to solve problems that impact their diaspora.

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Character is the first pillar. At RBHS character is defined as a set of qualities that will positively shape students’ thoughts, actions, and reactions.  Students will display compassion, honesty, discipline, courageousness, and self-respect towards their peers, community, and society.  Students will show respect by being polite, kind, helpful, and thoughtful.    

The young men will show compassion for the well-being of the members of their school community and local community.  They will be honest in all aspects of life and adhere to the academic and school honor codes.  For example:   

Students will display mental and physical discipline.  They will respect others, the school, and the community by treating others as they would want others to treat them, by being courageous, and by being willing to stand up for what is right.   

Scholarship is the second RBHS pillar.  At RBHS, scholarship is defined as being academically focused with an understanding that success is the result not only of opportunity, but also of hard work.  The young men will be critical thinkers who show determination and perseverance through academic challenges.  Students will be academically curious and display an interest in challenging the process, even when it makes them vulnerable.  

Servants of the Community is the third RBHS pillar.  Students at RBHS will show that they are servants of the community by being agents of change, and by showing commitment to improving RBHS, their school’s surrounding community, their neighborhoods, and their city.  Young men of RBHS will understand that they represent; themselves, their families, their immediate community/ies, and the young men of District of Columbia Public Schools.   

RBHS Vision

Driven by the pillars of Character, Scholarship, and Service, RBHS seeks to prepare young men of color to be compassionate and courageous and to foster a tenacious community of self-disciplined and academically curious lifelong learners who are tireless servants to their communities.