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Meet our  RBHS Teachers, & Staff.


English Language Arts (ELA) Department

Mr. Willie Anderson, Special Education teacher - Mathematics
Email: willie.anderson@dc.gov

Mr. Anderson

As I was carrying one of my basketball players home one evening, it dawned on me to ask him what career/occupation path had he chosen after completing high school.  He asked me not to augh at him and I assured him I would not do such a thing.  He paused, for a while, and stated he was interested in becoming a teacher.  As I was driving, I turned my head in the opposite direction he was sitting because I did not want him to see my eyes filling with tears.  Knowing his background and family history, this was a major stepping stone for the young man as well as a humbling experience for me.  As an educator, you are unaware of the influence you may have on the students you serve.  Hearing his career choice caused me to reflect on my journey through and becoming an educator.

As I reflect on my journey through education, I can definitely identify with some of the obstacles and life lessons that my basketball player was currently experiencing.  Being told by certain relatives and educators that you would not be able to succeed because you are allegedly not smart enough and/or you are too lazy.  I was even told by my basketball coach I would not be successful because I was “too soft”. These are some of the situations I faced, and I learned from conversations with my student he was facing also, in the urban education environment.  It’s bad enough that we may face some challenges meeting our basic needs, but to encounter them from those who are supposed to mold and foster freethinking thoughts and inspire us to be productive citizens of society.

I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and a product of the Richmond City Public school system.  My Grandmother, Mother, and Aunts happen to be educators, so one can say education was in my blood.  I graduated from Virginia State University earning a Degree in Sociology and earning my Certification of Special Education from Virginia Union University.  Many of the students that are being served are experiencing many obstacles that are preventing them from having success within the urban school environment.  My goal as an educator is be the best that I can be for my students. Push and expose them to experience that will change their way of thinking and force them into proactive and active human beings. My former student that stated to me he wanted to be a teacher, just finished Howard University School of Dentistry.

 Mr. Antwyna Beasley, Ninth Grade Academy Math Email: antwyna.beasley@dc.gov

Mr. Antwyna Beasley, Ninth Grade Academy Math
Email: antwyna.beasley@dc.gov

Mr. Beasley

Mr. Beasley is a native of Central Virginia, graduating from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Earning a scholarship to play baseball, he quickly learned the importance of being a Student-Athlete, and that everything else became second nature. Upon arriving at Ron Brown H.S. he taught in Prince George County Public School System for 11 years. Teaching various subject from Intro to Computer, Algebra 1, Integrated Math and Financial Algebra. He has also held positions outside of the traditional classroom ranging from Coordinator of Student Events / Programs and operated the school's Scholastic Book Fair. In 2009, Mr. Beasley decided to step away from the normal school setting and decided to take a position with E.T.S. as a School Researcher for a research study known as the UTQ-A (Understanding Teaching Quality-Algebra).

For the last 5 year, Mr. Beasley was the Head Baseball Coach at High Point H.S. During the summer he coaches the 18U DC DYNASTY travel baseball team, promoting and developing ball players for the next level.

Mr. Beasley believes that every child has a hidden gifted talent within themselves and its the job of the teacher/coach to bring it out of that student-athlete.

Mr. Dawaine Cosey, Director of Culture, Empowerment, & Restorative Justice
Email: dawaine.cosey2@dc.gov

Mr. Cosey

Dawaine Cosey serves as the Empowerment Specialist with specialized training in and passion for personal development, culture shaping, life coaching, and mentoring specific to young men of color. Mr. Cosey is a native Washingtonian, and product of the District of Columbia Public Schools. Mr. Cosey holds an Associate degree in Ministry from New Hope and Life School of Theology, and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland. As a prolific speaker, Mr. Cosey seeks to open his own communication consulting practice in an effort to serve communities of color through personal and leadership development.  Mr. Cosey is an avid writer, and is in the process of publishing his first book, “Faith Beyond,” completed in 2015. Mr. Cosey believes that young men of color must be taught through a holistic approach that builds the whole student while cultivating the whole person. He is passionate about helping them to discover why they are (purpose) in connection to who they are (person) and what they will become (potential).

Ms. Tonya Hawkins, RBHS Registrar
Email: tonya.hawkins2@dc.gov

Ms. Hawkins

Tonya Hawkins is a native Washingtonian.  She grew up in Ward 5, graduated from McKinley Senior High School, and attended Hood College in Frederick, MD. She has worked in the District of Columbia Public School System for over 16 years, serving in the elementary school, middle school, high school, and alternative learning settings.  She was also a Project Assistant for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).  She has been a coach for the District Heights Chiefs and several DC public schools.  Ms. Hawkins was also a cheerleader coach and a pee-wee soccer coach.

Her educational philosophy is " If you're not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you're determined to learn, no one can stop you."  She currently resides in Prince George's County with her husband and two daughters.


 Ms. Celestine Jackson,  Assistant Strategies & Logistics   Email: celestine.jackson@dc.gov

Ms. Celestine Jackson, Assistant Strategies & Logistics
Email: celestine.jackson@dc.gov

Ms. Jackson

Celestine Jackson is a Native Washingtonian.   Graduated from Anacostia Senior High School. After working in the private sector for over 20 years as the I.T. Officer, Executive Assistant to the President of the National Association for Equal Opportunities in Higher Education and the Communications Coordinator for Minority, Inc.  Ms. Jackson is also a Notary and Broker of CelebrityOne Realty.  She is currently enrolled at the University of Maryland, University College to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Marketing.  While following in her brothers' footsteps Ms. Jackson is striving to obtain a Ph.D. in Real Estate Development and Finance.  Ms. Jackson returned to DCPS in hopes of making a different in the lives of DCPS scholars. Ms. Jackson served as the ASL at LaSalle-Backus EC in 2015-2016.  After hearing of the new all males high school catering to the growth of young males of Washington, DC, Ms. Jackson saw an opportunity to be a part of something great so she transitioned to Ron Brown College Preparatory High School.

 Ms. Ashley Kearney Tenth Grade Mathematics Teacher Email: ashley.kearney@dc.gov

Ms. Ashley Kearney
Tenth Grade Mathematics Teacher
Email: ashley.kearney@dc.gov

Ms. Ashley Kearney
Email: ashley.kearney@dc.gov
Picture to come.

Ms. Kearney is a proud member Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. She lives by Luke 12:48 which states, "For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required." After reflecting on Mr. Green’s words from her childhood years at Ferebee-Hope Elementary School, Ashley returned home to DC in 2012 to serve her community as a Teach For America DC Region Corps Member. During her first year in the Region as a Middle School Math Teacher at Ron Brown Middle School, Ashley was awarded both 7th Grade Teacher of the Year and Teacher of the Year. Ms. Kearney keeps a token from the year—a quote book of inspiration on her desk from the infamous Ms. Shorter. In addition to her teaching commitment, Ashley has served her colleagues via working with DC Teaching Fellows as a Teacher Effectiveness Development Coach, Teach For America as a Content Facilitator, and Anacostia Senior High School as a Department Chair. Ms. Kearney has served students of the Anacostia community via her previous work as Student Government Advisor and teacher liaison with 5 STAR Academy. She, undoubtedly, attributes much of her growth and continued love for education to the amazing youth and educators who became family throughout her four years at Anacostia Senior High School.

Ms. Kearney gained a better understanding of the desires of families via organizing and advocacy through her role as a Summer Fellow with United Negro College Fund. She continues her commitment to public service for students and families in the district through her roles as board member for both The Collective DC, a group of current and former educators and leaders of color supporting the needs of Black and Brown youth and educators in the District, and DC Education Coalition for Change, a community run organization committed to improving educational outcomes for all kids in Washington, DC.

Currently, Ms. Kearney serves as a Teacher Selection Ambassador with DCPS and member of Teacher Leader Cadre with the DC STEM Network. Ms. Kearney earned an M.Ed from The Johns Hopkins University.

Ms. Sha-Ran Lowe
Ninth Grade Academy ELA Teacher
Email: sharan.lowe2@dc.gov

Ms. Lowe

Sha'Ran Lowe is an Oakland, California native while the majority of her adolescent years were spent living on the premises of San Quentin State Prison. Her exposure and knowledge of how institutionalized systems work was understood and questioned at an early age. With an eager mind to help change our narratives, she developed a strong sense of identity and a passion to redirect the rhetoric of society's systemic routines. Her awareness to not only ask, but find solutions to the "why's", gave her energy for more as she pursued higher education.Ms. Lowe graduated from the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington, with a Bachelor's in Comparative Sociology and Master's of Art in Teaching Secondary English Language Arts. As a women's varsity basketball collegiate athlete, Ms. Lowe brings a dynamic learning approach to the classroom and teaching style. She believes that every student has the capability to become a powerful force that can yield positive change in our world, despite what others believe. 

Mr. Kenneth Nero, Librarian
Email: kenneth.nero@dc.gov

Mr. Nero

Kenneth E. Nero, Jr., MLIS is a second generation librarian. Professionally, he has worked in multiple areas of librarianship from shelving and circulation to professional librarianship in both academia and school environments. Mr. Nero attended Montgomery College, in Rockville, MD, where he received an AA in Criminal Justice and continued his education at the University of Maryland, University College and the University of Pittsburgh where he received a BS in Psychology and an MLIS respectively. Mr. Nero also received a certificate in PlantBased Nutrition from Cornell University. He is a native to downtown Silver Spring, MD and has lived in Washington, DC since 2008. Mr. Nero enjoys reading, practicing Brazilian JiuJitsu and is an active community organizer who, along with others, successfully organized for a library in DCs jail and he is currently working with organizers on a health food coop in Ward 7. Mr. Nero worked with local non-profit Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop and several community organizers to successfully establish the current library in Washington DC's jail. Mr. Nero and his wife, both vegan, are hoping to publish a book focusing on using a plantbased diet to combat the top killers in the black community such as heart disease and stroke. He believes that his dedication to the community and health coupled with his appetite for reading will be an integral component in achieving the kind of revolutionary learning environment for our young kings that Ron Brown College Preparatory High School is establishing.

Mr. Darrin Richardson, Custodial Supervisor
Email: darrin.richardson@dc.gov

Mr. Richardson

Darrin Richardson was born at Columbia Hospital for Woman located in Washington, DC. He is the youngest child of four siblings. All of his family are true Washingtonians. He was raised in a single parent household by his mother raising four children and did all she can do to put food on the table and roof over their heads. When Mr. Richardson was in high school, his mother married a great man who Mr. Richardson can proudly call his father and who came into their lives as a loving and caring father figure for he and his siblings. His stepfather taught Mr. Richardson’s brother and him the skills to be successful, independent, and how to become great men as well fathers to their own children. Mr. Richardson is the very proud father of his only son Darrin Richardson, Jr.

Mr. Errin Smith, Humanities Tenth Grade Special Education Teacher - ELA
Email: errin.smith@dc.gov

Mr. Smith

Errin Smith is the Humanities Special Education teacher at Ron Brown Preparatory High School. Mr. Smith attended Hampton University, in Hampton, VA, where he received his BA degree in Psychology. In 2013, he received his Master in Teacher Leadership degree from the University of Phoenix. Mr. Smith is currently working towards earning his Board Certified Behavior Analyst Certification (BCBA) with the goal of being able to help students from a behavioral lens at Ron Brown. He is a native of Conway, Arkansas, and has also lived in the Chicago land area, Virginia, and Maryland. He has lived and taught in DC for the past 5 years. Mr. Smith is a firm believer that educating our young men with the necessary tools needed to be successful in college and adulthood is essential to changing the narrative of our Young Kings in this city.

 Nurse Wilson-Brown

Nurse Wilson-Brown

Nurse Wilson-Brown

I was born Maxine Audrey Wilson on December the 6th to Rosa and Lester Wilson in St, Andrew, Jamaica.  I have five sisters and three brothers.

We migrated to Washington DC when I was 11 years old.  I attended Mott Elementary School, Shaw Jr. High and Theodore Roosevelt High School.  In 1984, I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.

In 1985, I became a mother to Judith Mitchell.

My work experience includes working in the medical-surgical unit of The District of Columbia Hospital for 15 years.  I became a school nurse in 1999.  I have been a school nurse at River Terrace Elementary School, Nevele Thomas Elementary School and Ron Brown College Preparatory High School.

On July 23, 2017, I became Maxine Brown. I am a creator at heart.  I am a decorator, creator of drama skits and have even written a book title, “Zariah’s New Heart.” For my granddaughter. I attend First Baptist Church of Glenarden where I participate in the Drama Ministry. My Life Verse is taken from Romans 12:1-2. I want to make a difference in all whose path I cross.

Mr. Warren Andrews, Custodian
Email: warren.andrews2@dc.gov

Mr. Andrews

I was born in Washington DC. My family moved to District Heights, Maryland. I love playing sports. I graduated from Central High School in 1990. I have three beautiful daughters who I am very proud. The schools I worked for are community Academy Charter School from 2008- 2011 and Stuart-Hobson Middle School2011-2016. My favorite sports teams are, in NBA, the Chicago Bulls, in NFL, the Oakland Raiders, and in college football & basketball, the Michigan Wolverines. 

Mr. Travis Bouldin, Tenth Grade World History Teacher
Email: travis.bouldin@dc.gov

Mr. Bouldin

Travis Bouldin has served as an educator and leader for 12 years.  Mr. Bouldin has coached many middle school sports and has served as an advisor for several clubs, including the successful launch and establishment of a fishing club for urban students. He is a Travel Ambassador for the District of Columbia Public Schools and a 2016 Yale National Fellow. Travis has a Bachelor of Science in History from Frostburg State University and a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Social Studies from American University. In addition, he has a Master of Education in Teacher Leadership. Travis has two sons and spends most of his free time at their sporting events and concerts.

 Mr. Lawrence  Jackson Ninth Grade Academy World History Teacher Email: lawrence.jackson2@dc.gov

Mr. Lawrence  Jackson
Ninth Grade Academy World History Teacher
Email: lawrence.jackson2@dc.gov

Mr. Jackson

Mr. Jackson hails from Chicago, IL.He earned his B.A Mass Communications from Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana and his Masters of Education in Secondary Education from Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama.

Mr. Jackson has been teaching since 2013, and began his career in education in the Montgomery Public School System.

In addition to teaching, Mr. Jackson is also a Published/Pro Street Photographer.

He runs two non-profit Organizations within the school system:“Grandiose Gentlemen-Social & Academic Club for boys” and “Urban Creators Guild” an art initiative for teens 14-18.

Mr Jackson is most excited to see the "awakening moment" of the light bulb flash above the heads of the new Kings. 


Mr. Arman Lakes, Professional School Counselor
Email: arman.lakes@dc.gov

Mr. Lakes

Arman Lakes is a professional school counselor. His professional specializations have focused on Response to Intervention, College and Career Access, Cognitive Behavior Therapy. He is a native of Atlanta, GA. Mr. Lakes attended Clark Atlanta University, in Atlanta, GA, where he received a BA in Public Relations Management, MA in School Counseling and currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Howard University. Mr. Lakes is a Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholar. Mr. Lakes believes every Young King of color is unique and with guidance and support they can use their special gift to make a difference in themselves and our world.

 Mr. Evan Martin, Administrative Officer Email: evan.martin@dc.gov

Mr. Evan Martin, Administrative Officer
Email: evan.martin@dc.gov

Mr. Martin

Mr. Martin was born in Wilmington, Delaware. He graduated from Caravel Academy College Preparatory HS.  He received post-graduate education at the Laurinburg Institute, located in North Carolina.  He then pursued his collegiate undergrad career at Marymount University (VA.), Delaware State University (DE.), and Wesley College (DE.).  From there, he then pursued his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Concordia University (OR.).
He is the  proud father of a three-year-old son and five-year-old daughter, and have a supportive wife who aids me in the process of directing athletics here at Ron Brown College Preparatory HS. He have had the pleasure of working for DCPS the past seven years in various capacities at Jefferson MS, Kelly Miller MS, and Hardy MS.

As a former professional (European) basketball player, he believe sports is an integral part of education; that said, being a student-athlete is vitally important.  Sports means different things to different people, to me, it is a way of life.  The way you live, the way you conduct yourself – full circle.  To some, it is a way to fame, but to me it is much more than that.  Sports teaches discipline, time-management, problem-solving, team work, humility, loyalty, endurance, sacrifice, among many other things; but more importantly mimics life, If you are physically and mentally sound, you are healthier – in essence, you will feel better, live happier, and have a better quality of life.  This ideology is fact proven and leads one to believe…. “the more you realize that Sports can be a vehicle for life, not an end-all and be-all, the more success one will have.  This has a direct correlation with how you live your life.  It also reflects like a mirror how you eat, sleep, talk, and breathe; basic yet important daily functions.  This theory works in harmony with your spiritual, family and social life as well.

 Mr. Payne, Social Worker

Mr. Payne, Social Worker

Mr. Payne

Bio to come from Mr. Payne.

 Mr. Christian Parks Ninth Grade Academy Special Education Teacher - ELA Email: christian.parks@dc.gov

Mr. Christian Parks
Ninth Grade Academy Special Education Teacher - ELA
Email: christian.parks@dc.gov

Mr. Parks

Mr. Parks is also known as “Master Code Switch”.

He attended Eastern Mennonite University. Mr Parks was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He arrives committed to the wisdom of Frederick Douglass, "if there is no struggle, there is no progress." He is dedicated to equipping our Young Kings with the functional tools to navigate America as a Scholar of Color. "If all of the world is a stage" as said by William Shakespeare, Mr. Parks is here to prepare the actors.

Mr. Lionel Rodgers, Tenth Grade Special Education Teacher - Mathematics
Email: lionel.rodgers@dc.gov

Mr. Rodgers

Lionel A. Rodgers is a certified special education teacher and coach. His professional expertise is in the area of developing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), the implementation of accommodations and modifications for student work.  He has also served as an administrator of various academic assessments, vocational assessments, and employment assessments for students with disabilities. Mr. Rodgers attended University of Maryland College Park where he received a BA in Economics, and continued his education at George Mason University where he received a M.Ed. in Special Education. Mr. Rodgers is from Washington, DC and has been in education for six years. Mr. Rodgers desires that all Young Men become agents of change and self-advocates as they matriculate back into society.

 Mr. Starks, Custodian Email: 

Mr. Starks, Custodian

Bio to come.

 Mr. William Thomas Ninth Grade Academy Biology Teacher Email: william.thomasIV@dc.gov

Mr. William Thomas
Ninth Grade Academy Biology Teacher
Email: william.thomasIV@dc.gov

Mr. Thomas

Mr. William N. Thomas, IV was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised on military bases in Hawaii and California.  He became the first student from Huntsville, Texas to attend Morehouse College where he graduated from in 2004 with a BA degree in English. 

Mr.  Thomas has been an educator in Washington, DC for the past 13 and received a Master’s degree from George Washington University in Middle School Science.  He was the Head Middle School teacher at Roots ALC during his first four years in education and taught science at Friendship PCS’s Woodridge campus as well as City Arts & Prep PCS.  In 2010 he became a 5th grade teacher at Community Academy PCS’s Butler Global campus.  Mr. Thomas was promoted to principal in 2012 and led the Tier 1 elementary school for two years.  

Recently, he served as the Director of High School Programs for Paul International High School and helped the school in the development of a 21st century international studies program for their first graduating class in 2016.  During his leadership role he traveled to Panama, London and Costa Rica with students and increased opportunities for students to travel.  In addition, he led the My Brother’s Keeper mentoring program at the school establishing a monthly Saturday Academy, weekly tutoring and an annual male teambuilder. Mr. Thomas is excited to help establish Ron Brown’s science department over the next several years as a 9th grade Biology teacher!

 Mr. Julian Spires Music Email: Julian.Spires@dc.gov

Mr. Julian Spires
Email: Julian.Spires@dc.gov

Mr. Spires is a Duke Ellington School of the Arts Alumni and recent Graduate of Temple University's Boyer College Of Music. Throughout his academic career, growing in his gift as a scholar, musician and musical director, he has been blessed to perform with many well-knowns and legends including Patti LaBelle, Earth Wind and Fire, Smokey Robinson, Herbie Hancock, Jessica Reedy, and many others, as well as touring France and Monaco and participating in the Dubrovnik, Croatia Wine and Jazz Festival in 2012.      Along with this blessing and not to be minimized, he is an academic national scholar and member of the National Honors Society.    Surpassing performing, writing, composing and arranging, working with young people to maximize their potential, discover their purpose, and grow in their gifts is Mr. Spires' passion.  Each summer Mr. Spires participates in DC's SYEP Program creating opportunities and teaching students from all over the city to activate their artistic craft. In the past couple of years, Mr. Spires has served as Musical Director for the summer productions of Bubbling Brown Sugar,  Assistant Musical Director of Set It Off The Musical, and Assistant Musical Director of  Something To Shout About. He also serves on many youth retreats throughout the DMV - ranging from school retreats, youth leadership retreats, to religious retreats.     Mr. Spires is also the Pastor of United Tabernacle of Praise in Washington DC [1723 3rd St NE Washington DC].   

Ms. Kathrine Avila, Spanish Teacher
Email: kathrine.avila@dc.gov

Ms. Avila

Kathrine Avila is a native of Trenton, New Jersey and a proud alumna of The College of New Jersey. Before Ron Brown College Preparatory High School, Kathrine taught 9th -12th grade Spanish at Anacostia High School in South East D.C. While at Anacostia she served as the Spanish Department Chair and was responsible for coaching teachers in her content area. In 2015, Kathrine received her Master of Science in Educational Studies from Johns Hopkins University. Throughout her teaching career, she has taken students to Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, and Cuba to study abroad. Kathrine loves teaching global education and during her free time she enjoys reading books by Paulo Coelho and John Grisham.

Dr. Roosevlet Cohens, Social Worker
Email: rooselvelt.cohens@dc.gov

Dr. Cohens

Dr. Roosevelt Cohens is a native Washingtonian born at DC General Hospital and was the tenth child of his parents. Dr. Cohens was raised in Public Housing in Washington, DC (Kenilworth Courts). He is married and has four daughters and a son.

 In, September 1975, Dr. Cohens enrolled in Knoxville College located in Knoxville Tennessee. He received his undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, at a liberal arts institution. Additionally, he attended Howard University where, he received a Masters of Social Work; Dr. Cohens received his Doctorate from Argosy University/ Chicago in Educational Leadership and Human Development.

 Dr. Cohens is a Certified Anger Management Counselor Level II, through Chicago Institute of Anger Management.    Trainer of Trainers in Balance and Restorative Justice through Florida Atlantic University, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (School Social Worker), Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Critical Incident Management (CISM) with Compsychology.


Ms. Schalette Gudger, English Language Arts Teacher
Email: schalette.gudger@dc.gov

Ms. P

Schalette Poteat, Ed.S., born in Washington, DC and raised in Prince George's County, MD, is a veteran educator with 16 years of experience with learners from 6 weeks of age to adult.  Mrs. Gudger has a Dual BA in English/Liberal Arts and Religion and a minor in Black Studies from The Lincoln University (PA); an MA in Educational Leadership (K-12) from Bowie State University; an Educational Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction (K-12) from the University of Phoenix; and is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Early Childhood Education.  Her career in education began in the middle school classroom as an English/Language Arts Teacher with Prince George's County Public Schools in August 2000.  During that time, Schalette also worked with the Infant and School-Aged Classes at KinderCare Learning Center in Waldorf, MD and eventually, became a center director in Fairfax County, VA.  After eight years with PGCPS, Her family relocated to Seoul, South Korea, where she worked as a Full-time Faculty and Lead Faculty Development Administrator with the Military Campus of the University of Phoenix's Masters of Education Program for five years before transitioning back to early childhood education as a Training and Curriculum Specialist with the USAG Yongsan Child Development Center.  Most recently, she served as the second-grade teacher at Ankara Elementary School on the American Support Facility at Balgat in Ankara, Turkey. Schalette's ultimate goal in education is to start her own PK3--Grade 8 all-girls educational institutions in America and on the continent of Africa. Finally, Mrs. Gudger believes that any student can learn if given the most valuable resource--a conscious, compassionate, competent, and committed educator.  

 Mr. Jackson, Budget Manager Email: aaron.jackson@dc.gov

Mr. Jackson, Budget Manager
Email: aaron.jackson@dc.gov

Mr. Jackson

Mr. Aaron Jackson (Ajax) was born and raised in Washington D.C. A product of DCPS he was educated at Roper/ Ron Brown Middle school. He took his artistic talents to Duke Ellington School of the Art for high school, where he studied Visual Arts and also ran track and field for Wilson. While in high school Ajax also ran AAU track for two years, and was able to participate in the Junior Olympics. During searching for colleges he wanted to go to a university that had a great art program and a track team. Mr. Ajax decided to go to Virginia Commonwealth University and major in Fashion Design. He ran one year of track and then had to hang his spikes up after being accepted into the Fashion Department. After graduating with a BFA in 2008 he returned to DC and worked on his clothing line that he and a friend that went to Duke Ellington, and VCU with him. Mr. Ajax already had experience working in the school system, so when he started working at Winston Education Campus as the business manager he was able to fit right in. He worked there for four years and also coached basketball and track and field for the Elementary and Middle school. After Winston closed and Mr. Ajax transferred over to McKinley Technology Education Campus where he also worked as the business manager for four years. He coached the Middle school girls track team which placed 3rd in the city with only six girls, and also helped with the high school for two years.

Now at Ron Brown as staff, a building he is familiar with Ajax is excited to be on board and help with the culture.He knows that it will grow into something special for the city and the young kings who attend. 

Ms. Stephanie Johnson
Ninth Grade Academy ELA Teacher
Email: stephanie.johnson@dc.gov

Ms. Johnson  

For the past eleven years, Ms. Johnson has served as a teacher leader at the middle school level.  She holds a BA in Elementary Education and an MA in Literacy Education from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. 

Ms. Johnson began her teaching career in South Carolina as a 6th and 8th grade Literature teacher in 2006.  Feeling called to teach, connect with, and empower students who look like her; Ms. Johnson relocated to Washington, DC in 2010.  She taught 6-8 grade English language arts at Eliot Hine Middle School for the past seven years.  In addition to teaching, she also held multiple leadership roles at Eliot Hine.  In her capacity as Common Core & Literacy LEAP Coach at Eliot Hine, Ms. Johnson led a school-wide Close Reading initiative and coached cohorts of teachers in implementing best literacy practices across content areas.

Ms. Johnson believes that we all have the capacity to author our own life stories.  Her goal is to equip our Young Kings with the tools they need to be the hero of their life stories.

 Ms. Teresa Lasley Tenth Grade ELA Teacher Email: teresa.lasley@dc.gov

Ms. Teresa Lasley
Tenth Grade ELA Teacher
Email: teresa.lasley@dc.gov

Ms. Lasley

Copy to come.

Mr. Matthew Mitchell, Health/Physical EducationTeacher
Email: matthew.mitchell@dc.gov

Mr. Mitchell

Mr. Mitchell was born and raised in the District of Columbia. A product of the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) system, Mr. Mitchell has stated " It's a pleasure to be an educator in the school system that taught me".   

Mr. Mitchell received a baseball scholarship to Shaw University, Raleigh N.C., where he obtained a Bachelors of Art in Psychology.  After undergraduate school, Mr. Mitchell returned to the Washington, DC area where he began his career in education and served as the Health/Physical education teacher for Ideal Academy. While teaching at Ideal Academy, Mr. Mitchell created a baseball program that won the citywide championship in its first two years. During this time, Mr. Mitchell continued his education at Bowie State University and received a Masters of Education-Adlerian focus. 

In 2014, Mr. Mitchell became the Dean of Students at Oyster Adams middle school. While serving as Dean of Students, Mr. Mitchell established a discipline policy that promoted restorative justice, built a student council that molded students’ impromptu speaking and self- advocacy skills, and he established a Young Men's Group that focused on the holistic development of male students.  In Mr. Mitchell's efforts to expose the young men to the benefits of benevolence, once a month, Mr. Mitchell took the group to Central Union Mission where they served dinner to the homeless population. Also, during his tenure at Oyster Adams, Mr. Mitchell's created a very successful baseball program. 

Currently, Mr. Mitchell coaches travel league baseball for MOOSE, D.C. Dynasty, and his own program Mitchell's Marlins. Outside of coaching Mr. Mitchell is a personal trainer for Exclusive Results. 

Mr. Shatane Porter, Professional School Counselor
Email: shatane.porter@dc.gov

Mr. Porter

Mr. Shatane Porter, a native of Brooklyn New York, earned his Bachelor degree in Sociology from the College of Mount Saint Vincent, in Riverdale, NY and his Master’s degree in School Counseling from Bowie State University.  Mr. Porter has over fifteen years of experience working with males in urban school districts.  In 2011, he became a Professional School Counselor in the DC Public School System at Anacostia Senior High School located in Ward 8, where he supported students in grades 9-12 with academic, social and emotional needs. Mr. Porter was also the boys’ varsity basketball coach at Anacostia for the past 5 years.  Prior to this assignment, he worked for the DC College Access Program (DC CAP) as a High School Advisor supporting hundreds of students with the college admissions process, as well as postsecondary opportunities.  Mr. Porter has future plans to be an adjunct College Professor and hopes to one day become a High School Principal.  Mr. Porter is the proud father of three girls; he truly believes every RBHS student should be given the support and opportunity to go to college or any post secondary institution. 

 Mr. Lorne Simpson Ninth Grade Academy Math Teacher Email: lorne.simpson@dc.gov

Mr. Lorne Simpson
Ninth Grade Academy Math Teacher
Email: lorne.simpson@dc.gov

Mr. Simpson

Is a native of Los Angeles , Ca. Mr. Simpson born and raised in south central Los Angeles became quickly aware of the trappings of the inner city that led young black men to prison or the grave. He learned at a young age that with hard work and dedication you can create opportunities to lead to success! He has earned his BA in Psychology from Morehouse College in 1995, later continued his education and earned a masters in School Counseling from the University of La Verne in 2004. Mr. Simpson has spent the last 13 years serving in the capacity as a teacher and school counselor to inner city youth.

His approach to the Young Kings comes from Fredrick Douglas philosophy that “It is easier to build stronger children than to repair broken men”  His goal is to ignite the force within the Young Kings to become long life learners.

 Ms. Leslie Solomon Tenth Grade Chemistry Teacher Email: leslie.solomon@dc.gov

Ms. Leslie Solomon
Tenth Grade Chemistry Teacher
Email: leslie.solomon@dc.gov

Ms. Solomon

Leslie Solomon is an "army brat" raised mostly in the South, however she graduated high school in Hawaii.  She completed her education training at University of Virginia with as a Masters of Teaching Secondary Science and a Bachelor of Chemistry with a Biology Specialization in 2002. Ms. Solomon has served as a curriculum writer for science all of her years of teaching.  She has designed such courses as Forensic Science, Forensic Law, Forensic Psychology, and Scientific & Technical Writing.  She has helped to redesign courses like Chemistry and Physics to adhere to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  

Since joining DCPS in 2013, she has represented at the National Science Education Leadership Association Conference in 2014, participated in Inspired Teaching's Science Curriculum Advancement for Literacy Enhancement (SCALE), operated as a part of the Master Teacher Core for Science leading Professional Development, and led a Professional Learning Community for Secondary Science with teachers throughout DC via E.L. Haynes.  

Ms. Solomon feels privileged and honored to join such an elite, passionate staff as at RBHS.  She looks forward to working hard with our Young Kings to prepare them for college and career.  

Dr. Melanie Wiscount, Educational Technology Instructional Coach
Email: melanie.wiscount@dc.gov

Dr. Wiscount

Dr. Melanie Wiscount, 
earned her  Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership  with an Educational Technology concentration at Wilkes University, a Master in Business Education, and Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a minor in Mathematics & Statistics at Bloomsburg University of PA. Dr. Wiscount taught the full computer science track for four years at McKinley Technology High School in DCPS and business education and computer science courses in three Pennsylvania public school districts. As a tenure track professor at Bloomsburg University, she taught undergraduate and graduate business education courses and served as the student teacher supervisor.

Dr. Wiscount was selected and honored as a Microsoft Partners in Learning US and Global educator, a Siemens STEM Institute fellow, an AFCEA (Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association) DC STEM teacher of the quarter, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (2015-2018), a Microsoft Surface Expert (2017), a 2015 Funds for Teacher fellow, and a 2015 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) DC awardee. Dr. Wiscount is in her fifteenth year in education, her second year at RBHS and looks forward to preparing our Young Kings for their future.