RBHS Monarchs Creed



Core Values: Principles governing our conduct   

The Young Kings of Ron Brown High School will strive for excellence in their academics, interactions with adults and peers, and in their daily activities. 

The Young Kings will follow the RBHS’s Core Values for daily expectations Peer and Adult Respect, Academic Readiness and Curiosity, Citizenship, and Excellence (PACE).  
PPeer and Adult Respect 

A - Academic Readiness 

C - Citizenship of RBHS 

E - Excellence 

A Visit from Dr. Lawrence Daniels, neurosurgeon

Our Young Kings met Dr. Lawrence Daniels, a very successful neurosurgeon who was originally from West Oakland, CA. Dr. Daniels inspired us all with how he succeeded in his college and career with intention, passion, and a mission to serve. Hear and watch Dr. Lawrence Daniels as he explains why he chose to become a doctor.

Words, Beats, and Life, Inc.

Our RBHS Young Kings enjoy developing skills after school in what their interests call them to do. Our Young Kings enjoy rapping, DJing, and graffiti art with this organization.