Electronic Device Policy


Electronic Device Policy

The only approved use of electronics for Young Kings at Ron Brown High School will be under the immediate direction of a staff member in instructional spaces and for instructional purposes. Young Kings who need to be in touch with parents/guardians or other identified adults in the community will need to report to the front office and use staff sanctioned phone lines. Similarly, all adults who need to be in contact with

Young Kings will need to contact the front desk at 202.729.4343. All staff usage of cellphones or other electronics in common spaces or learning spaces will be work related.

Students who are seen using electronics for any non­instructional/non­sanctioned reason will be expected to turn in their device to staff immediately. The following graduated intervention process will be followed for violating the electronic policy:

  • 1st instance ­ Phone will be confiscated and it will be returned to the Young King at the end of the day. King will sign a contract that states that he understands consequence two and three if his device is confiscated again.
  • 2nd instance ­ Phone will be confiscated and will not be returned until a parent/guardian meets with a staff member.
  • 3rd instance ­ Phone will be confiscated and will need to be picked up by parent/guardian AND the King will have to turn his phone in daily.  A bag check intervention will be implemented where the Young King will be required to voluntarily provide the phone or show that he has not brought a phone to school through a self­-search, noninvasive process.

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    This policy is subject to change based on administrative decisions. 

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