Community Service Hours

Community service hours must be performed through a 501(c)(3) organization or federal, state, or local agency and be properly documented to count towards the graduation requirement. 

Validated community service hours that are turned into the school, will appear on the report cards and progress reports (high school only).  Please contact your school counselor for additional information regarding earning community service hours.

Students can begin accruing up to 25 hours of community service at the start of 8th grade. These community service hours will be applicable toward their 100 required hours of community service for graduation as long as the hours are completed in alignment with this policy, the activity is approved by the student’s school, and the service is appropriately documented.

Community Service Form

Complete the community service form below to have community service hours recorded in your DCPS transcript.

DCPS Community Service Form - Download, print, complete, and take the completed and signed form to your RBHS School Counselor.

For more DCPS Community Service Hour Opportunities, click here.

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