Community Circles

With the directions of Dr. Williams, principal, and Dr. Curtis, school psychologist, Young Kings praise fellow Young Kings during morning community circle meeting for something done for the good of the community.

           Community Circle 

Daily Morning Community Circles

All members of the RBHS community will convene for a thirty-minute community meeting every morning.  Community meetings will allow the staff to implement a socio-emotional curriculum which targets young men of color. 

The morning community circles contain the following:

  • Guest speakers
  • Lessons which examine and emphasize an aspect of the vision and core values of RBHS and habits most critical to success of the young men.  
  • Character education
  • Shout-out celebrations of exemplary contributions to the community
  • Current events
  • Social justice
  • Mindfulness meditation

RBHS has a different theme and focus each week.


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