Click on the Canvas logo to go to the RBHS Biology 9 course online.

Click on the Canvas logo to go to the RBHS Biology 9 course online.

Course Description

In Biology, Young Kings will learn about diverse subjects that range from experimental design to genetics, ecology, evolution, photosynthesis, and body systems.

RBHS 9th Grade Academy Learning Experiences

By the end of the school year, all Young Kings will have the opportunity to:

·         Enhance their reading proficiency by comprehending, evaluating, and critically analyzing print and non-print texts across a range of types and content areas.

·         Adapt their communication in relation to audience, task, purpose, and discipline in order to construct effective arguments through written and oral expression.

·         Engage in relevant and rigorous activities to work toward mastering grade-level standards in all core subjects.

·         Exhibit Pre-AP level skills in all disciplines and demonstrate that they can apply critical and creative thinking skills in all content areas, with the support of instructional scaffolds when necessary.


                                                               Miss Andrea Shank, Biology Teacher

From the Teacher

As a teacher of Biology, my educational philosophy is that everyone can be a successful student if he studies diligently at home and focuses during class.

Biology Syllabus


Unit 1

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Unit 2:

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