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The online gradebook is found at DCPS Aspen.
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The grading policy of RBHS details all information in regards to assignments, scoring, grade point average, academic intervention and remediation, homework, and online grade book policy.  Students and parents will be able to use the following information to know academic expectations and final grades for terms and year.  A Principal's Challenge assignment will provide every advisory for students who fall behind in their assignments or who are struggling in particular classes.  This assignment will provide students with an opportunity to gain more points towards their final grade. 

Assignment Categories

  • Participation

  • Practice & Application

  • Assessments

Grading Categories with Weights

  • Participation - 10%

  • Practice & Application -50%

  • Assessments -40%

Grading Scale

At the Secondary level; sixth (6th) grade through twelfth (12th) grade; marks/ grades of “A” through “F” shall be assigned by the teacher to indicate the degree of achievement by a student of the content standards in each course. Results of the end-of-course exam will count for no more than 20% of the final grade. 

Note: All teachers will be required to provide a variety of homework assignments, in-class assignments, and assessments with a minimum cumulative distribution 1,000 points cumulative points and a maximum cumulative distribution of 1,600 points every advisory period.

Final Grade Calculation in Aspen

DCPS has implemented an automatic calculation of final mark in Aspen.  The calculation runs every night so any marks changed or entered that day are incorporated into the final mark each night. 

Final Exams are optional but if that mark is entered, it consists of 10% of the final grade. 

Mid-term Exams are optional but if that mark is entered, it consists of 10% of the final grade

All term marks are evenly divided among the remaining 80% of final grade. 

Term Grade Average

The Term Grade Average is calculated with term marks (and includes marks for courses in progress). For example, a student's Term Grade Average for the third term will only include courses the student has taken during the third term, including those in progress. The Term Grade Average does not weigh courses for credit amounts. Results are not saved on student transcripts. Results are used for honor roll purposes and athletic eligibility and appear on the report card. 

Year Grade Average

The Year Grade Average is calculated with final marks for the current academic year. The Year Grade Average does weigh courses for credit amounts. Results will appear on student transcripts after Year- End Transition. Results also appear on the report card, and will update each term as the student completes his or her courses.

Calculating Marks of F

The Cumulative GPA, Term Grade Average, and Year Grade Average of all students enrolled in a DCPS school include all marks earned, including F. The District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Title 5 Education, Chapter 22 Grades, Promotion and Graduation, Section 2200.8 states: 2200.8 Marks (grades) in courses failed and retaken for credit in grades kindergarten through 12 shall not replace previously earned marks (grades) for any given course, but are included in the student's cumulative grade point average (GPA). Marks (grades) earned in extended education programs such as Summer School, STAY School, and Evening Credit Recovery courses have the same credit and GPA value as standard year courses.

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2018 Secondary School Attendance, Grading, and Credit Recovery FAQ For Families

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How are Grades Calculated?

Cumulative GPA

The Cumulative GPA includes all final marks for courses attempted in high school. Results are saved on student transcripts. Cumulative GPAs are weighted based on course credits.

How the Cumulative GPA Is Calculated

The GPA is calculated by dividing the total amount of computed grade points (CGP) earned by the total amount of credit hours attempted. In order to calculate a cumulative GPA, you add the total credit hours attempted and add the computed grade points from all semesters. You then divide the total computed grade points by the total credit hours attempted.

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