ANet Assessment

Click here to access the test.

First testing dates: October 23, 2018

Second testing dates:

Third testing dates:

Students access the assessment:

1.    Go to

2.    Type in username and password given to you by teacher
       Username: your student ID
       Password: rbhs2018

3.    Click on “Take Now” next to the appropriate assessment

Students navigate the assessment in two ways:

1.    Use the “Save & Continue” button at the bottom to move forward

2.    Use the arrows or drop down menu to move from question to question in the navigation bar.

Additional Notes:

  • Students should always click ‘Save and Continue’after each question, including any open response questions

  • Student work is auto-saved every thirty seconds on open response questions.

  • Do not navigate using the back button. This may cause a page requiring a refresh. Refreshing should fix most of these problems, but typing may be lost since the last autosave.

  • Do not hit backspace unless in the Constructed Response box. This will cause a page requiring refresh.

Online question types to teach students:

1.    Traditional selected response and multi-select

2.    Evidence based selected response (ELA only)

3.    Drag & drop – ordering

4.    Drag & drop – bucketing (makes copies of each answer and drag them into “bucket” categories)

5.    Drag & drop – matching

6.    Fill-in-the-blank dropdown menu

7.    Fill-in-the-blank numeric only (Math only)

8.    Graphing (Math only)

9.             Multi-part items (Math only)

10.         Number Line (Math only)

11.         Constructed response (students  type answers)

12.         Select text from passage (ELA only)

Online tools available to teach students:

1.    Highlighter

2.    Note taking tool (ELA only)

3.    Calculator (Math only for certain grades)

4.    Flag a question for review

5.    Answer eliminator (for selected response questions)

6.    Constructed response ELA toolbar

7.    Constructed response Math toolbar

8.    Magnifier

9.    Protractor (Math only for certain grades)

10.                  Line reader


 Teachers & Administrator Login: Click here. Then click, Login with ANET button.
Log in here (My ANET) and in the Dashboard under Assessments & Quizzes, click on Access Online Assessments. Click on All Classes at the top of the GUI to see your classes and students.